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EHM Senior Solutions is honored to serve over 5,500 people every year. As an open and affirming faith community, we touch the lives of people from all races, religions, age groups, financial backgrounds, and walks of life. For over 130 years, we have been working to meet the needs of our community and offer real care, support, and change to those in need. Sometimes this change comes in large dramatic ways, like helping a 67-year-old woman who suffered a massive stroke learn to walk again so that she can resume her role as wife and mother of three; and sometimes we serve in small ways, like when we deliver a hot meal to an 83-year-old man who is homebound. If EHM Senior Solutions has touched your life, then we want to hear about it. Please share your story with us and we will share it with the world so that others may benefit from your experience.

“Thank you for the warmth.  Thank you for the caring. You all are the very best.”

The family of D. Mattox

“Your kindness, caring, support, and patience is so much appreciated.”

The Broadbridge family

I highly recommend Brecon Village

“I have personal experience with the independent living apartments, the condominiums, and, for my wife, the Memory Support Center. All aspects of Brecon Village are excellent. Other places may look superficially fancier; none are better. I highly recommend Brecon Village.”

James Mangi

“I would like to add my thanks for the wonderful care you extended to our mother. I know that everything was done to maintain her comfort and dignity.”

Ellen Dall

May your work continue to bless those you serve

“We would like to thank you for your incredible care and love shown to our mother and grandmother. When she came to Evangelical, it was her second in three months and it was a difficult move. As time passed and she became more comfortable with her surroundings she told us frequently what great care she received. She also shared with us how special her caregivers were to her. You each played a significant part in her life and we are forever thankful.”

The family of M. Miller

“I’m glad that the residents are on the continuum of care and they can go to Redies for therapy and use all of the services. You won’t find this level of services with other places”

Belinda Booker

I love this place

“I have been living at Eden Manor since 2012 and I love this place.  The people have been more than just friends, they have been like mothers, brother and friends.”

James Brooks

“I love living here, I can get help here quicker than any other place.  I feel safe here, and I would recommend EHM to my friends. I feel better knowing that there is somebody I can call if I run into a problem.”

“When the gal from Shared Care comes, she does a great job. She takes care of kitchen and takes the garbage out, and Rena told me that I could get help with medication reminders.  My eyes aren’t so good so I can’t see the label on the bottles so I need some help and Rena is going to assist me with reading my medications.”

Thelma Moore

“I like everything about Mill Pond Manor… it is a secure building, it is maintained very well and it is clean and comfortable.  There is always something to do, and I have access to free exercise and balance classes. I have fallen a couple of times and this class has strengthened my muscles and helps keep me from falling.”


“My wife and I visited a dear friend at Evangelical Home in Saline MI today.  She (friend) shared with us beforehand how much she appreciated the facility and people.  After being there and walking around the facility for over 2 hours, we can genuinely agree – this is a wonderful place!  It’s clean, well-staffed with professional and caring employees, cheerful, spacious, and respectful.”

John K

We are grateful to have this wonderful team helping our mom!

My mom has been at the Redies Center, the rehabilitation portion of Evangelical Homes of Michigan in Saline for 2 weeks after some very major surgery. The facility is beautiful, very clean, and her room is comfortable. We have a large family and many friends who often take up space in her room yet every staff member is welcoming, warm, and highly professional. We are impressed by the rehab clinical staff (OT, PT, Speech) who have provided care to our mom, listened to what we have to say, and includes us in the treatment process. We are grateful to have this wonderful team helping our mom!

Roaemarie Roberts

“Keep it going, this is a great spot to be. No questions about it.”

Alexander Potts

“Our experience at Evangelical Home – Saline has been phenomenal!  My mother is there after a major surgery.  She receives multiple therapies (PT, OT, Speech, Activity), 5 days a week and is improving quickly.  The staff is all very nice, knowledgeable, attentive, and never bothered by her visitors.  Her room is beautiful with a large bathroom, lots of space in the room, a reclining chair, a flat screen tv, refrigerator, plenty of closet and drawer space, and all the blankets and pillows she asks for.  The grounds around the facility are well tended to, and we enjoy sitting or walking out near the gardens. The PT, and OT rooms are well equipped.  Activities and church services are available.   There is also a very cool sunroom with lots of live plants where residents can do puzzles, and crafts.   It has been a very positive experience, and I feel confident Mom is getting exceptional care.”

Monica Chester

“I like your Community Share Program because when they come in, they help me.  My life has changed a lot because I can’t do the things I used to do.  They help me maintain my independence. They are Johnny on the spot.  They come on Tuesdays and Thursdays and I look forward to them coming.  We have a good thing.  They vacuum and help with the dishes in the sink. I have a cane now and I can’t get down on the floor anymore so if I drop something and I can’t get it, they come in get it for me. It’s that easy.”

Jackie Banks

“My mom has been in the Evangelical Home in Saline for more than 14 years.  She has received very good care throughout.  The staff have been friendly, helpful, caring, and decent to her and to visiting family members.  Mom chose this one herself after talking with many local people about managed care facilities in the area.”

Nancy M

All the love shines bright in all of you

“I want to thank all of you for the wonderful care mom and dad received. I am glad we were able to have them at Evangelical.  They were in great hands. Words can’t express how much we appreciate all of you. I also say thank you to all the love and support given to me and my family when they were there. All the love shines bright in all of you.”


Community Share is a great asset for residents.

“Community Share is a great asset for residents.  Some residents never receive visitors or never receive help from their families – they never have a relative come and visit or anything so it is great that they have the help they need and are not helpless. They look forward to the girls coming.  The residents will have them come in and tell what they need and they will chat for a few and then off to work and they never complain.”

Shakira Wilson

“My Grandma was here after major surgery and treatment for cancer. I was super impressed every time I visited her with the staff and facility. The staff was friendly and really good about checking in on her. The progress that she made in just a few weeks was amazing, and I credit the staff and facilities of EHM for that. Additionally, the facilities were beautiful (I was super impressed with the size of the rooms!) and there was plenty to do for patients: from games to greenhouses to lounge rooms for both patients and their families.”

Ally Stavros

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Welcome to the EHM Senior Solutions Remembrance Service.

EHM is a community with different types of services and housing to serve residents and the community.  This service is a way to remember and honor residents or participants at the Evangelical Home - Saline, Brecon Village, Memory Support Center, Life Choices Members, and Adult Day Care who died in late 2019 or 2020.  A few of these amazing people had moved to another living situation but had once been associated with our facilities which makes them family.  We have not done a yearly all-encompassing memorial before but due to Covid-19 we have been unable to gather in our different communities and celebrate the lives of our friends.  We pray that this memorial helps to bring peace to our families, friends, residents, and staff.

We remember them,
Jeanette Brenner