What to Expect At a Fitness Assessment

What to Expect At a Fitness Assessment

When someone comes in for an assessment for personal training, they often don’t know what to expect.  I’m here to share what to expect at any fitness assessment you should receive before starting an exercise program.

Before you arrive:

  • Plan on an hour (or more): your first appointment will be the longest, as there is much to go over. Budget at least an hour for your initial assessment.
  • Be prepared to move: dress comfortably with supportive athletic shoes, as we will do some simple tests to figure out good starting points for your fitness level.
  • Be familiar with your medical history/medications: certain precautions must be taken depending on current or past medical history and/or medications, so you will be asked a few questions about this. All certified personal trainers are educated on HIPAA, so your medical history will not be shared with others.
  • Eat and drink: don’t come on an entirely empty stomach. Since you’ll be moving, you will need some fuel and proper hydration. Stick with a lighter meal or snack, nothing that will make you feel weighed down.

When you arrive for your appointment:

  • Conversation to start: Plan to sit down for a conversation before you get moving. You’ll be asked about pertinent medical history, medications, previous exercise experience, exercise preference, and goals. You’ll also want to discuss how much time you have each week to dedicate to a program and how frequently you’ll want to meet with your trainer so we can make a realistic program for you.
  • Physical Assessment: Now we move! We will start by looking at posture, balance, flexibility, and movement abilities (some of this we will assess just watching you walk in for your assessment!). Then we look at body composition (there are a variety of ways to do this, so stay tuned to future blogs to learn more on the different methods), cardiovascular abilities, and muscle strength and endurance.

Tips from a trainer:

  • Ask your trainer their credentials and experience: They should be certified by an accredited personal training group such as ACE, ACSM, ISSA, and NASM to name a few. If you have a complicated medical history or have very specific goals, you may want someone with a Bachelors or Master’s degree in some type of movement science such as Exercise Science, Kinesiology, or Physiology to better meet your needs.
  • Don’t be nervous: We see clients every day of varying ages and fitness levels. We are not judging your abilities, we are simply trying to understand your baseline so we can help you achieve your goals!
  • Speak up: if something it too hard, too easy, hurts, or makes you uncomfortable, let us know. We are here for YOU. If something doesn’t work for you, we will change it to meet your needs.

If you are looking to start a program and live in the Saline, Michigan area, contact us at the Brecon Village Wellness Center at (734)429-1155 ext. 2206 to set up your appointment.

Get moving!

Hannah Rauch BS, CPT

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