Wellness Blog: Simple Steps to Start an Exercise Program

Its April again and our new year’s resolution has been forgotten, or perhaps put on hold for next year when “we have more time”. We can still tap into a dose of more energy, more strength and even better sleep. Below are simple steps to help you start and incorporate exercise as part of your weekly routine.

1.      Set one specific and measurable goal

Often times we start an exercise program with too many goals and quite frankly, unrealistic expectations and easily become discourage if we don’t see results quickly. Ask yourself what is the most important reason why you want to exercise. Even though you may have more than one reason, be specific and pick one that is most important to you and stick to one goal for at least 30 days before you add a new goal.

·         Do you want to lose weight?

·         Do you want to be more flexible?

·         Do you want to improve your cardiovascular endurance?

·         Do you want to build more strength, build lean muscle?

 2.      Choose your measurable goal,  put it down in paper and tell a friend or family member about it

In order to measure your success and keep account of your progress, you will have to write you goal, date your initial starting date and log every progress to keep you motivated. Having a friend ask you about your progress keep you motivated and helps stick to your goal.

3.      Choose your activity and create a balance routine

Start with activities that you enjoy, walking, biking, and taking a yoga class or any activity that gets you moving. Go at you own pace. Begin Low-to-Moderate activities, giving your body time to adjust to new routines before moving on to more vigorous activities. Set yourself up for success; wear comfortable proper fitting sports shoes to enhance your exercise experience and prevent injury. Be specific on the type of activity you want to do and set a specific time to exercise. Having a time set aside just for exercise makes it easier to incorporate exercise into a routine that becomes enjoyable. 

4.      Rest/allow time for recovery

It is important to rest in between your exercise sessions. Your muscles need to recover before the next session, especially when starting for the first time or going back to exercise after a long lapse. It is also important to rest in order to avoid injury.

Always consult your doctor if think you are at risk for cardiovascular disease before starting an exercise program, or talk to a personal trainer at the wellness center in Brecon to help you determine if you are at risk, and help you achieve you goals.

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