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Memory Support

As a health care leader throughout southeast Michigan, EHM Senior Solutions prides itself in addressing emerging needs in the communities we serve. We have the expertise and experience to confront the challenges of dementia and memory loss. Through a variety of settings and locations, we offer comprehensive memory loss care, as well as a variety of options for support. The various levels of service in our communities have been designed with innovative technologies to support the resident and their loved ones through the many stages of memory loss. Available options include residential settings, adult day and respite care.

All of our staff are trained in the Best Friends Approach™ to memory support. This approach suggest that what a person with dementia needs most of all is a friend, a “Best Friend.” This can be a family member, friend, or staff member who empathizes with their situation, remains loving and positive, and is dedicated to helping the person feel safe, secure and valued.

The Best Friends Approach starts with seven basic ‘building blocks’ that can help you learn to “see” persons with dementia differently and begin implementing a Best Friends Approach in your work:

  1. Recognizing the basic rights of a person with dementia.
  2. Understanding what it’s like to have dementia.
  3. Knowing and using the person’s Life Story.
  4. Knowing just what to say when communication is breaking down.
  5. Developing the ‘Knack’ of great dementia care.
  6. Experiencing meaningful engagement throughout the day.
  7. Recasting the relationship and your language from staff to Best Friend.

More information can be found at:


Brecon Village

200 Brecon Drive
Saline 48176
Main Phone: 734-429-1155

Evangelical Home – Saline

440 West Russell Street
Saline 48176
Main Phone: 734-429-9401

Memory Support Center

101 Brecon Drive
Saline 48176
Main Phone: 734-429-1155