Recharge Your Resolutions

Did you start the year out with big resolutions to improve your health?  Have some of them started to slip?  March is National Nutrition Month and a perfect time to recharge your resolutions.

Be realistic – setting big health-related goals can be motivating but if the goals are too lofty it can backfire.  Instead of setting yourself up for failure with goals that are too hard to reach, consider breaking them into steps.  For example, if you need to eat more vegetables, becoming a vegan may be too big of a first step.  Instead, start with the flexitarian approach of choosing some meat-free meals each week.  Need ideas for realistic goals? has a section on starting with small changes and celebrating them as “My Plate, My Wins.”

Consistency vs. Perfection – When it comes to your health, what you do most of the time is more important than the occasional slip.  If you have been working on eating less sugar and indulged in a big dessert over the weekend, let it go and get back on track.  One off day doesn’t change all of the good you accomplished on the other days.  When it comes to eating and other behaviors, aim for consistency instead of perfection.

A goal without a plan is just a wish – Anne, Clinical Dietitian at EHM Senior Solutions Saline, recommends “If you feel yourself falling short on New Year’s resolutions, take time to reevaluate your strategy. Make a plan for success by mapping out the tasks you need to complete for the week in order to make progress toward your goal. Whether you’re setting out to increase your vegetable intake, taking time to meditate, or working more physical activity into your day, be sure to plan ahead for success.”

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