New Food, New Me

New Food, New Me

Are you looking for a New Year’s resolution that can be good for you AND fun?  Challenge yourself to try new foods!  Regardless of how old you are, it is possible to discover new foods or discover a new liking for a food you thought you didn’t enjoy.

Mix it up – foods often take on very different flavors depending on how they were prepared.  This is especially true for vegetables, which most of us should be resolving to eat more of.  Raw Spinach in a salad has a very different flavor than sautéed spinach.  Texture can also change with preparation and can be a big factor in whether or not we like a food.  Some people enjoy the crunch of a raw carrot, but do not enjoy the soft feel of a cooked carrot.  Flavor combinations will also impact whether or not we like a given food.  Give different herbs, spices and sauces a try on any food you are trying.

Try, try and try again – you have probably heard the idea of exposing children to food multiple times before deciding that they do or don’t like it.  This same approach may work with adults as well.  Don’t give up on a food the first time you try it.  Simply becoming more familiar with a food may increase the chances that you will like it.  It is also important to remember that factors beyond flavor can impact your reaction to a food.  The setting, the way the food is presented and even who you are with when you try it could influence your preferences.

Make it Social –  EHM Registered Dietitian, Dana Lutz, offers the following advice, when eating out with friends or family, order a new item to share in addition to your meal. Recipes are developed based on all the different foods’ flavors. Instead of omitting items from meals you order out, try the meal as is. Are you on social media? Post pictures of your new favorite foods and share within your network. You can be the inspiration to others, too!

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