How Good is Your Wellness Program?

This is a great question for organizations running a wellness program.  It is a great question for any individual as well. “How is your wellness program?”, I asked a friend yesterday.  He tipped his head and gave me a puzzled look.  Does this sound a little strange?

In the Older Adult Services industry we still have a huge gap between programmatic “wellness” and personal wellness. The difference is how we measure outcomes; what is important and why we have them. I just received the new ICAA Wellness Industry Development Survey  (which I encourage you to check out) and, although I am a big ICAA fan, it emphasizes my point.  Out of 544 respondents the bulk of the focus is on place and amenity growth.  83% felt the purpose of wellness was to attract new residents where only 46% felt it was to control healthcare costs. Why do you engage in wellness?  What else do you call it?  How do you know if what you are doing is working? Should our industry be asking the same questions? 

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