Find the Poems in Your Life

Our President & CEO, Denise Rabidoux recently sent out this message to our team, which I thought was truly inspirational.  Enjoy and find the poems in your life!   “I woke up today thinking of a good friend of mine-an oncologist and a poet in his own right,  Dr. Pat Flanigan.  I met Pat several years ago on a trip to Carmel California where I was learning to paint.  Pat is a gentle soul who has dedicated his life to helping those who have a limited amount of time left to live. He is a surgeon and oncologist.  He began writing as a way to find his heart even in the saddest of moments.  So I thought it would be wonderful if we all started our week with Pat Flanigan, Poems in your life. Have you found any poems in your life?  I do not mean your life measured in years. I mean your life measured in the breaths you have taken, The songs you have heard or sung, The sand or a stone you have touched, The wind or waves that have washed over you…  And the love you have shared with a stranger in need…  If you have been awake, seeing, listening, touching and caring, then you indeed have found the poem in your life. Blessings from me and Dr. Flanigan”

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