Failure; A Wall Or A Door?

This week I have been working with my teams on growth and change.  We have been confronted with many opportunities to create change and I have noticed some success and some failures.  The failures intrigued me.  What went wrong?  Who were the players that let me down?  What plan wasn’t thought trough enough? One characteristic in all of our failures I discovered was a key team member was exhibiting a lack of faith somehow.  In one situation, a manager didn’t think he was adequate for his role.  A different  initiative had an “influencer” that didn’t think the scope of the initiative was worth doing. After this, I thought….”let’s communicate faith”. 

For me, faith is not the assurance that there will not be failure.  Many times we are so impacted by past failures.  They hurt.  They can chip away at our self-esteem and require strength to move forward.  They can create immoveable walls.  In a safe team environment; one where faith is cultivated; failure is a door to growth and success.  In my examples, it was not that we had failures, I discovered.  The troubling thing that had caused me to pause was the state of my teams after the failure.  They were looking at walls in-front of them and planning on turning around to go a different direction. Cultivate faith.  Faith tells us that failure won’t destroy us. 

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