EHM Begins Using Sustainable Packaging for Home-Delivered Meals

For over 30 years, the kitchen at Evangelical Homes-Saline has been preparing meals for distribution to local Meals-on-Wheels clients. Several years ago, as an added feature, a lighter evening meal was also provided to clients, in addition to the hot lunch that was provided. How many meals? Last year there were about 12,000 meals that were distributed by volunteers from the Saline Senior Center and the Area Agency on Aging 1-B.

One can imagine that with so many “carry out” meals being delivered,
that can create a lot of trash, which would end up in our landfills. We strive to prevent any unecessary waste. In May 2015, Evangelical Homes entered into a partnership with Amcor Rigid Plastics to develop the Going Green Meal Delivery Program. Amcor awarded a grant to EHM to support the packaging of the Going Green meals. It allowed EHM to convert the packaging that was being used from landfill material to much more eco-friendly material.

The grant also supported the purchase of a blast chiller/freezer for EHM to store the frozen meals and provides for a free microwave for any senior who might need one in order to heat the meal. EHM has demonstrated its commitment to seniors in Washtenaw County in a variety of ways, and this is just one more example. “This partnership allows us to expand our efforts to provide meals to home-bound seniors who might not have access to a healthy, balanced meal without this program. This is a great win-win! Senior citizens get freshly prepared, nutritious meals prepared by our Executive Chef delivered directly to their door, and now the meals come in containers that are environmentally friendly,” said Denise Rabidoux, EHM’s President and CEO. One of the ways this partnership was demostrated occurred just before Thanksgiving. Company representatives from both Amcor and EHM joined to deliver a hot meal for Wednesday, along with two additional frozen meals to ensure each senior had food for the holiday.

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