Eat Right, Live Well: More than Just Sugar

Eat Right, Live Well: More than Just Sugar

Many people go to the doctor and hear that their “sugar is a little high” and wonder if that means diabetes.  While many things can cause your blood sugar to be higher than it should, diabetes or being at risk for diabetes (sometimes called pre-diabetes) is a major reason.  The good news is that for many people, diabetes* can be prevented by making a few healthy changes – the same changes that can also work to control diabetes if you already have it.  

Eat Well: Eating well does not mean simply avoiding sugar.  We need a healthy balance of fruit, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins and healthy fasts.  Eating regular meals and snacks throughout the day, instead of skipping some meals and going overboard on others can also work wonders on balancing your blood sugar. Our Registered Dietitian, Dana Lutz, suggests “Many people like to finish their meal with a sweet item.  As an RD, I like to incorporate naturally sweetened foods like fruit as a dessert.  Adding fresh mint to berries is a satisfying combination.  Remember to read the nutrition label on packaged foods to know how the total amount of carbohydrates is in each portion.”

Move More: Getting 30 minutes of physical activity, at least five days per week, has been shown to help prevent or delay diabetes*.  Those 30 minutes don’t have to be spend doing unpleasant activities to see the benefits.  Pick something you like, do it at a moderate in intensity and stick with it.  If your schedule is tight, you can even break it into three 10 minute blocks throughout the day.



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