Brainpower Boosts

In a book I recently picked up, Keep Your Brain Alive, coauthor Manning Rubin encourages us to exercise our five senses to improve our memory and the way our brain functions overall. We should pick a couple of days a week to do a few of these ideas to stimulate our brain in different ways:

1. Change the station-set your alarm clock to a new station or switch to buzzer; processing unfamiliar sounds wakes your brain up in a different way

2. (SAFELY) Get dressed with your eyes closed, no peeking! If you blunt one of your senses, the others work harder which strengthens the brain.

3. Swap brown bags-do a coworker lunch switch (scary, huh?). Breaking a routine by surprising your taste buds helps the brain to trigger new nerve pathways.

4. Shop by heart-jump start brain cell activity by trying to remember your grocery list in your head; if you need to cheat, at least keep it tucked in your pocket.

5. Silent dinner-play the “no talking while eating” rule one night. You’ll have to communicate your request for the butter in a visual way, which sparks creativity—especially in a group meal!!!

6. Switch dominance-use your non-dominant hand for tasks like brushing your teeth or hair. This challenges your brain to exercise the nerve cells on the side you don’t usually use Have some fun flexing that part of yourself we often “forget” about. 🙂 

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