A Garden to Share

Jackie’s Garden Colors Brecon Village

 Since she was a very young girl, Brecon Village resident Jackie Best loved colors around her. Born in France, she and her family moved to Indo-China where her father was an engineer, before she was a year old, and that was where she spent her earliest years. She remembers seeing vibrant colors for the first time.

After four years, her family moved to Antibes along the French Riviera. “I grew up on the Riviera, and I always loved looking at the colors of everything around me,” she said.

When she was 14, Jackie contracted Bone Tuberculosis and was placed in a cast for the next five years. During this period she spent a great deal of time taking in the air on her family’s terrace. There she loved to watch the sea change color; look at the blossoming almond trees – a pure white – against the deep blue sky; the north wind changing the olive leaves from green to silvery grey.

Her love of color has always stayed with her. And while she doesn’t consider herself a gardener, Jackie appreciates all the tones and shades found in a garden.

When she moved to Brecon Village’s Primrose Assisted Living Apartments, she could still move about the grounds with the help of a walker. It was then that she noticed that the rear courtyard didn’t have a garden the way other areas did. Wanting to surround herself and others with beauty, she decided to do something about it.

Jackie Best visits the lovely garden she made possible

Her gift of $11,500 has paid for a new cement patio in the rear court, a new garden with many plantings, and the labor to accomplish this. Additionally, Jackie has committed to a gift of $5,000 toward the garden’s upkeep each year for the rest of her life.

Now, bright magenta roses, purple asters, vibrant yellow day lilies and cheerful hanging baskets now color the courtyard, thanks to Jackie. A statue of St. Francis of Assisi graces the rose garden and is a tie to her son, Tom and his wife Andrea, who belong to the St. Francis of Assisi parish in Ann Arbor.

EHM President and CEO Denise B. Rabidoux visits with Jackie Best at an event to dedicate the wonderful new garden

Jackie has said, “I always like having beautiful things to look at and to share.” Because of that, Jackie is an accomplished poet and painter, as well.

The garden quickly took shape, and was dedicated in a ceremony honoring Jackie Best on Tuesday, August 26 with some of her family in attendance for the special day.

“My greatest pleasure was when I noticed other residents were enjoying this garden, too,” Jackie said. Thank you, Jackie Best, for brightening the environment with a lovely garden oasis for everyone to enjoy.

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