3 You Know; 3 You Don’t

Does staying healthy seem like a full-time job that you don’t have time for?  I hear that everywhere and feel it myself at times too.  Any of you that have read me or been coached by me know that I am all about SIMPLE and that is what I want to mention today. 3 Health Tips You Probably Know But May Not Be Doing;

1.  Wash Up–I think it is so simple that most of us don’t take it seriously.  While our immune system is being attacked from all directions (infectious diseases, stress……) this one simple step can help bolster our system on the frontlines.  Soap and water is all you need—-and frequency!

2.  Sleep In–not getting enough rest is the #2 complaint I hear with my clients so I am always working on strategies to help.  Sleep deprivation is linked to obesity, heart attacks and depression.  Although, maintaining a large number of hours each night is ideal, picking a night to go to bed earlier than usual to catch up works great too.  Even 1 hour is a step in the right direction.

3.  Go Fishing–want to cut risks of stroke, heart attacks, unwanted weight gain?  EAT FISH.  Working your way up to eating fish twice a week is a wonderful step in the healthy direction. Alright, now for less-known healthy habits:

4.  Don’t Ask For Antibiotics–a recent study suggests that almost 150,000 ER visits each year are due to adverse reactions to antibiotics and for many minor infections such as bronchitis, antibiotics don’t seem to help.  Overuse of antibiotics has also led to the emergence of drug-resistant bacteria that have become a serious problem.  Let your doctor decide but don’t assume you need one.

5.  Give Blood–5 million Americans require blood transfusions each year and yet only 10% of eligible donors give.  It is an easy way to give back and it may help your health too.  A recent study in Scandinavia linked blood donation with lower incidents of cancer the more donors gave.  Donation also may reduce the risk of heart disease although it is still unclear why this may be true.

6.  Drive Less–Are you tired of the high gas prices at the pump?  Well, it should come as no surprise that the higher the price of a gallon of gas goes the larger a drop in traffic fatalities.  Driving less could give you more time for healthier activities like walking, too.  All of our lives are structured differently so for one person to give up driving one day a week could mean the same for someone else to give it up a day a month or even to just

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