Pomegranate Rescue

Monday, december 1, 2008;  I was at work in snowy Michigan.  I find myself filled with excitement. Why – I’m so glad you asked. I stumbled across this article. It may be the answer to my love hate relationship with pomegranates. I love them, but hate the work involved……I know, isn’t that sick. My oldest daughter as always uses this relationship that I have with pomegrantes, on how not to be lazy.  She loves pomegranates, and always tells me that I am too lazy, so I can’t enjoy them.  She will not harvest my seeds. 

Well, my rescue is here:  http://tinyurl.com/6ezcav it just warms me to know that others are bothered by all the work to get to the pomegranate.  A machine that will separate my beloved pomegranate seeds from the pith. How exciting?! But, as I set an read this article I was reminded of we sometimes get bogged down… because we can’t discern what to put on our radar, what to give limited attention to, and what to “delete”.  

Over the years I have learn how to balance value against output. You may ask what do I mean by that. Well, let me tell you…its quite simple actually. Does the food, situation, or the road to the solution, produce enough value to warrent the level of my output? Does it warrant high levels of frustration? If it doesn’t I have plenty of other options – whether it’s food options, solutions, or opportunities.  If I decide that “yes” – the value is worth the output, then I get to work. If while working toward my goal I face frustration and stress, I pause and identify what is fueling these frustrations. If you struggle to identify where your frustrations are originating from, then write down the items that are producing unwanted stress or frustration.  Can you control them, change you change why they are stressing or frustating you? If you have identified any items that you have no control over, allow yourself to reassess.  Give yourself the freedom to change your mind, the freedom to say “no”. My inability to say no or reassess many times has delayed my actions; causing me to remain stagnate and frustrated as a result.  So, let me get you back into gear – go produce your desired outcomes and change the world around you.  My guess is you will uncover a few “pomegranates” in your own world. Although, the pomegranate issue has come up in my household numerous times, I have never been frustrated enough to give up on them.  Have a great day!!

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